LeBron's Latest Anthony Davis Scare Tactic Is Pretty Pathetic

I know the internet is freaking out about the moron Knicks, but I have to touch on this quickly. It’s really getting cute what LeBron and Rich Paul are doing. Sadly though, I see right through it. They know the Pelicans aren’t willing to panic and make a rash decision, they know given the landscape of other offers out there, that’s bad news for them. So what did they do? They tried to leak that Kyrie Irving wasn’t going to resign in Boston, and that he actually wanted to come to LA. Once that failed and was debunked, they then had to switch gears. This is the beauty of having Rich Paul play both sides. Teams have to call him to get info on AD, so he’ll keep telling them “sure trade for him if you want, but he’s not staying. He’s going to LA”. I can imagine that would definitely scare off about 99.9% of rival GMs. There’s only one problem and we touched upon it earlier today. Danny Ainge does not give a flying fuck

You see the problem with LeBron/Paul’s plan here is that the one thing they were first trying to spread, that Kyrie wouldn’t commit, immediately goes out the window if AD is brought in. So is AD’s fear about Boston and how they would look if Kyrie didn’t extend. He then looks at a situation in LA where who knows what other star LeBron gets, he’ll be a year older and the Warriors will still exist. I have no doubt that Woj is telling the truth, that AD’s camp is telling teams that, because Rich Paul wants to make LeBron happy above all else. The only problem is it doesn’t change a goddamn thing from the Celtics perspective, and it also doesn’t change that NO doesn’t give a shit what happens to the team they trade with as long as it’s the best offer on the table. As we know, that offer resides in Boston, not LA.

So even if this scare tactic was effective with some other teams, it does jack shit in terms of intimidating Danny Ainge. He’d rather make the move and get burned then be a little bitch and let LeBron scare him out of something threw the media. I look forward to the next idea, because so far LeBron and Rich Paul have been coming up empty.