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For The First Time In History, We Have A Late Addition To The Albany Lacrosse Roster Bio Headshot Team

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 4.39.29 PM

This is a first and considering how high it sets the bar, I have a feeling it is also going to be a last. Because what Steve Ramirez has done right here is beyond legendary and cannot be replicated.

Unfortunately, Steve Ramirez’s roster pic wasn’t ready for the annual Albany Lacrosse Roster Bio Headshot Blog that I put out on Tuesday night. That blog was already filled to the brim with some absolute beauts. Guys who really went above and beyond this year to make this batch of Albany headshots one of the greatest we’ve ever seen. Guys like Davis Diamond, Erik Dluhy, Connor Filipowski and Zane Sands all featured right here.


But when the initial roster was put out, there was no picture for Steve Ramirez to be found. Maybe he was sick that day. Maybe he had a test and couldn’t make it to pictures. Or maybe…just maybe…Steve Ramirez knew exactly what he was doing and knew that his headshot picture was going to be so goddamn magnificent that it deserved to be released on its own at a later date.

Between the smile, the chins, and the Friar haircut, this was a headshot that couldn’t afford to just get lost in the mix with the rest of them. This is an all-timer and if I’m Albany head coach Scott Marr, I’m making sure that Steve Ramirez is on the field for that opening faceoff of the season against Syracuse on the 16th and that he never comes off the field after that. Because a kid who is willing to make himself look like that just for the boys? Well that’s a team player right there through and through.