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Apparently The Knicks Are About To Trade Kristaps Porzingis To The Mavericks. Wait, WHAT?!?

Oh and in case this wasn’t all fucked up enough, I have Woj tweeting riddles or some shit.


I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m numb right now. I have written like 3 blogs in an hour about an angry Porzingis going to the Knicks, asking for a trade, Enes Kanter tweeting bullshit, and now a deal being IMMINENT. I don’t even know what to say other than the Knicks MUST know they are landing two big time free agents this summer or they are staring down Porzingis in a game of chicken that can effect the franchise for years.

*Thinks about everything I know as a Knicks fan*

Orrrrrr the Knicks are going to do what they always do and completely fuck up the franchise while gutting their fanbase yet again. I’m scared, guys. Real scared. I honestly don’t know what’s happening. I knew we may have to attach some assets to move the Hardaway or Lee deals, but I didn’t think it would be our beloved unicorn. He may have upset us by (rightfully) griping about the state of the team and I still sometimes cry when I think about how he unfollowed me. But I didn’t see this trade coming at all. AT ALL. I haven’t even thought about what the Knicks are getting back either, which is pretty much cap fodder and Dennis Smith Jr., who I have programmed myself to hate because I had to be ride or die for Frankie Smokes. Just a complete mindfuck. Greenie and Reags have been feuding all day on the blog yet somehow I am the one who gets his guts ripped out. Unbelievable.


Someone block KP in his house until cooler heads prevail and don’t let him go to Dallas.


I should have taken this woman’s wallet and treated myself like a king then everything would have been alright.

No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.

OK, the trade may be growing on me.