Man Going Bananas On Cops Gets Fired At No Less Than 1000 Time Before Finally Going Down

POLAND – The guy was on a rampage, destroying multiple cars, store windows and behaving aggressively in general. The cause of his rampage is yet unknown. He’s alive, he took a bullet to the knee.

Who’s firing those shots, Harry Dunn? Come on, coppers. Aim small, miss small. Nobody should miss firing that many rounds at that close of range unless they got concussion grenade’d in Call Of Duty or are in fact Helen Keller. Give an American officer one shot and that guy is toast. The US cop may not have waited until he became a threat before delivering a headshot, but still, toast.

Love the victory dance full of adrenaline by the lady cop.


Finally hit the mark on the 15th shot and do a celebratory Sammy Sosa home run hop back to the cruiser. Nice shootin’, Tex.