Kenan And Kel Once Sold Their Free Super Bowl Tickets And Balled Out At Chili's Instead

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As if we needed more evidence that Kenan and Kel are waling legends, we got this story. It wasn’t enough that they were the stars of All That. So good in fact they got their own show which they knocked out of the park. Knocked it so far out of the park that they got their own movie, Good Burger, which is an all time classic. My 10 year old weiner damn near tore a hole in my off-brand windbreaker pants when Carmen Electra appeared on screen. Kenan and Kel could have murdered my entire family and I would have begged the judge to let them off the hook because of that role. So as if I couldn’t love them anymore, today we learned this, which only adds to their legacies:

Page 6 - If anyone knows how many Chili’s chicken fingers profits from Super Bowl tickets can buy, it’s Kenan Thompson.

“I got tickets to go one time, when I was young, these people gave me and Kel tickets to the Super Bowl,” he recalled, mentioning that he was gifted the tickets by “Smickelodeon,” jokingly disguising the real name of the kids’ network, Nickelodeon, that they starred on. “We were living in LA and [the game] was in San Diego, they sent us down in this limousine.”

But practical thinking got the best of the young star before heading into the stadium.

“My debit card game and my money was funny so I didn’t have any money on me at the time,” he explained. “I was just young and I didn’t know how to juggle my finances and it didn’t make any sense to me to go to the Super Bowl with no money and not be able to buy anything.”

So the two young stars entertained an offer for their two seats, selling them off for $2,500 — what Thompson referred to as “serious bread.”

“We sold our tickets and went to Chili’s and balled out,” he said. “We went to Chili’s and went nuts. Oh my gosh, chicken fingers for everybody.”

And now we learn what happens when you give a couple of legends thousand dollars worth of Super Bowl tickets and a free trip- they flip them for cold hard cash and ball out at Chili’s instead. Incredible. Chicken fingers for everybody! I’d like to think 16 year old me would go to the game, something like “once in a lifetime opportunity” or something, but being able to flip the tickets for $2500 at such a young age, not sure I would turn that down either. When you’re a teenager working at Subway for $7/hour, $2,500 sounds like enough money to retire on. I’d have eaten so much Olive Garden with my high school girlfriend it’d make your head spin.

So I respect the shit out of this move. Trip to San Diego on Nickelodeon’s dime, line your pockets, and eat at god’s restaurant, Chili’s. Win-win-win. They did miss a good game though, that 1998 Super Bowl between the Packers and Broncos, the first of the back to backs. But I’m sure that Chili’s was better. No doubt in my mind.