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I Think I Have Proof John Henry Has a Patriots Problem

Earlier today I posted the above blog suggesting that John Henry has a problem with the Patriots success eclipsing that of his own team. I wrote based on the numerous times his Boston Globe has lobbed grenades at his alleged friend Mr. Kraft’s franchise, typically at a moment when the Pats are riding high and dominating the news cycle, such as right now. Because at Blogging School I learned that the headline question mark is the writer’s friend, I titled it, as you can see, “Does John Henry Have a Patriots Problem?

Well it’s only been a couple of hours, but I’ve heard back from some people and can probably remove the question mark because it’s been asked and answered.

I wondered how it came to be that the same Globe writer could do two articles, two Super Bowls apart, exploring the same narrative: That New England is losing interest in the greatest dynasty in modern sports history:

John Henry 2John Henry 3

And wondered if he was put up to it by his bosses. Well know we know:

There are two ways to create a narrative. One is to say “What’s going on?” and look into it. The other is to say “Here’s my hypothesis, who can help me prove it?” Essentially shooting an arrow and then painting a bullseye around it. Why would anybody independently conclude the Patriots are losing popularity five days after they drew 35,000 to a send-off rally? The only logical answer is he was told to by the guy who’ll make 35 people showing up to hear Dick Flavin’s poem on Truck Day sound like The Million Mom March.

Another example I cited was the Globe headline calling the Kraft’s “Greedy” because “Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar” at Patriots Place is closed. And got this confidential email:

Toby Keith’s was under water for a LONG LONG LONG time. We’re talking years. They had numerous locations, including a bunch in Arizona and down in New Mexico. Most of them closed and for a bit, the Patriot Place one was one of only two open in the country. They fell way behind in payments for everything – even their insurance lapsed. It was ugly. I am more than surprised it stayed in business this long, and probably only closed as soon as the Patriots home games concluded.

Then this:

Now, I want to make it perfectly clear that I take no issue with (alleged) members of the Lucchese (alleged) Crime Family. Or any crime family for that matter. They are also legitimate businessmen and God’s children same as anyone else. My issue is with any news outlet that would portray the simple closing of a single location by a failing restaurant chain as somehow the fault of “greed” by the landlord. Especially when said restaurant is way behind on paying their bills. The only reason you would put it in those terms is because you have a problem with the landlord. A personal problem. And want to make them look bad.

So again, my rhetorical question has been answered. John Henry is Mr. Kraft’s frienemy resentful of the fact the Patriots success gets more attention than his own team’s and is using his newspaper to go after the organization. Again. There is simply no other conclusion to draw.

P.S. The Irish Rose once sang the Anthem before a Sox game. I was thinking of having her do it again. I doubt that’ll happen now unless I get her an “I [HEART] Henry” hat and a phony mustache.