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It's A Sad Day In MMA - Artem Lobov, Tha GOAT, Has Been Granted His Release From The UFC

So this didn’t actually happen today, but between the traveling/rock n’ roll shows/lack of WiFi/boxing commentary prep surrounding SuperBowl week, and also the absolute devastation that this has brought onto my mental and emotional state, it’s been tricky to get up on the blog. I’ve got some free time now before the Rough N Rowdy 7 official weigh-ins, however, so I’m here to pay my respects to Tha Goat, Artem Lobov, and his UFC career.

It all started when his best friend, Conor McGregor, agreed to be a coach on the twenty-fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter with the sole purpose of getting Artem a job with the promotion. When Lobov lost his entry-level fight to compete in the house, a never-before-seen clause was invoked, allowing him to return, much to the chagrin of his doubters, but it didn’t take long for him to shut them all the hell up.

After all, Jesus had doubters as well.

Lobov knocked each and every one of his opponents out on the show, earning himself a spot in the finale, where he ultimately got grapplefucked and backpacked by jiu-jitsu wizard Ryan Hall, but the legend of tha GOAT was born.

It didn’t matter that his arms were the length of a single ruler, combined. He innovated new tactics and techniques to work around that, most notably, the standing hammer punch.

Grappling is a disadvantage to him, they said. He could never pull off a high-level roll escape out of a tangle.


Think again.

Artem may not have won all of his fights, but his 13-15 professional record doesn’t tell the true story behind his career. He was a true warrior. He fought the shit out of all of his fights. Hell, he went the full five with Cub Swanson in a main event slot!

Now, it appears he’s going to conquer the boxing world next, and I could not be more excited to see what tha GOAT brings to the squared circle.

Best of luck, Artem!