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My Friend Tom Had A Pretty Massive Stroke And His First Tweet Back On Twitter Was Legendary

What an absolute legend. Tom was one of the first people I followed when I started twitter a few years ago. He’s always been a hilarious dude. We’ve hung out a few times, shared a few beers, and he was always a delight. A few weeks ago, his brother let Jaguars Twitter know that Tom had a stroke and was found inside his house after Tom didnt show up to work. Each day, his brother told us about Tom’s progress. Tom was in a dark, dark place.

All of those updates about his brother led to Tom tweeting Send nudes. Drew’s response was so perfect.

Tom battled through operations, treatment, physical therapy, and many other things just to get to this point where he is now.

Think about all the things that you can tweet when you regain the ability. He could have tweeted something cliche like “thanks for all the prayers” or “still a long way to go but I’m doing better.” He didnt do that. He let us know that he’s doing better by becoming a bigger fucking legend.

Send nudes.

What a fucking tweet. Glad you’re doing better, Tom. I hope you get those nudes and I hope you get them in spades. Not just regular nudes either. I hope you can see the asshole and everything. The good nudes, Tom. You deserve the goodest nudes but I’ll never give you your bench back, you mother fucker.