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Here Are All The Super Bowl Storylines You Need To Be Following This Sunday

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots

Ah yes. The Big Game. A football game to some, but so much more to others. And with all the heightened interest around the Big Game, there’s always people who are interested in the matchups within the matchups. The certain storylines that always pop up around the Super Bowl. Storylines such as the Patriots’ dynasty beginning with a Super Bowl win over the St. Louis Rams in 2001 and potentially coming to an end against the LA Rams in 2019. Storylines such as the Rams winning the Super Bowl the last time it was hosted in Atlanta. Sean McVay vs Bill Belichick. Tom Brady vs Jared Goff. There’s always a ton of different storylines that the mainstream media will try to force down your throat at this time of the year.

But I’m here to give you the only ones that truly matter. Because unlike the mainstream media, I actually care about each and every single one of you. And I want you all to be as well-informed heading into this Super Bowl matchup as humanly possible. So here we go.

1. Bill Belichick played lacrosse at Wesleyan. 


Now the significance of this is that Wesleyan won the DIII National Championship this past May and they did so at Gillette Stadium. Can Bill Belichick win a Super Bowl in the same year that his alma mater won a National Championship? It’s all anybody seems to be asking right now, and I guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday night to find out.

2. Chris Hogan played lacrosse at Penn State


I’m not sure if there’s a prop bet out there on this or not, but I’m going to hammer the over on amount of times that “Chris Hogan played lacrosse” gets brought up during the broadcast of this game.

But most importantly, the significance of Chris Hogan playing lacrosse at Penn State is the fact that this is now his 3rd Super Bowl with the Pats. He has a chance to win his 2nd ring now. Could Chris Hogan retire after this season if the Patriots win another Super Bowl? Will he stop taking the risk of playing football after winning his 2nd ring? And if he retires, will he entertain the idea of playing in the Premier Lacrosse League this summer? A professional lacrosse league which he currently invests in? People keep talking about Brady and Belichick retiring, but I think it makes the most amount of sense for Chris Hogan to do so and to preserve his body for his 2nd lacrosse career.

3. Aaron Donald played a year of lacrosse in high school

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints

Don’t fact check me on that one. Somebody on Twitter told me this and I didn’t feel like doing any actual research to back it up. So as far as I know and care, Aaron Donald is a former lacrosse player. Which leads me to believe he will be the first player to sack Tom Brady this postseason because that’s just what lacrosse players do. We are elite athletes who are versatile and compete like a mother fucker. 2 sacks and a few more hits on Brady for Aaron Donald on Sunday night, as long as I was given factual information and he actually played that one season of lacrosse in high school.

4. Patriots staffer Chris Mattes currently plays in the PLL, spent the last few years playing for the Florida Launch in the MLL and won a National Championship as a coach with Maryland at Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots v New York Jets

He may not be on the field on Sunday, but his finger prints are all over this team. He has that championship pedigree that the Patriots are always chasing after. They haven’t won 5 Super Bowls on accident. They seek out winners to bring onto the staff, and Chris Mattes is a winner. He’s also a professional lacrosse player and could eventually be teammates with Chris Hogan in the PLL, should Chris Hogan decide to go that route.

5. I don’t think Jared Goff ever played lacrosse before but c’mon, he definitely would have if given the opportunity. 

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints

Let’s be real. The only reason why Jared Goff wasn’t a lacrosse player growing up is because he was born in California in 1994 and the sport didn’t really start to pick up in Cali until the past few years. Now imagine if Jared Goff was born in Baltimore? Or Long Island? Only reason he’s not a lax guy is because his parents decided to live in California. You can’t convince me otherwise.

So yeah. These are the storylines that are going to make Sunday’s game that much better and interesting. I can’t wait.