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Ariana Grande Fixes "Small Charcoal Grill" Tattoo: It Now Says "Japanese BBQ Finger"


Ariana Grande posted this saying she fixed her tattoo. If you didn’t see, Ariana Grande got a new tattoo on her palm that was supposed to read “7 Rings” in Japanese but instead it said “small charcoal grill”

Ariana went to fix up the tattoo and now according to TMZ, instead  of “small charcoal grill” it says “Japanese BBQ Finger.” Hilarious that she thought she was “fixing” the tattoo and ended up just getting another tattoo with a BBQ meaning.  This is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo (so they say, I’m no tattoo expert) and she put herself through this again and it’s not even right! She might as well just make BBQ her brand at this point. Just open up her own BBQ joint and she’ll make millions.

Really though I think it’s time Ariana takes a break from the tattoos. She does have some experience with covering up tattoos though so maybe third time will be the charm.