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Yasiel Puig Just Put The Polar Vortex In His Back Pocket

Real tough look for everyone sending out screenshots of their weather apps in the single digits or negative on every social media platform in the universe. Hell, I even mistakenly fell victim to this by tweeting out a story of how little my wife thinks of me as a functioning adult.

However Yasiel Puig, a man who grew up in a tropical climate and spent his entire career in Los Angeles, just bent the Polar Vortex over and let it know he wasn’t scared of it one bit. Guy was having the time of his life despite the frigid temperature of (whatever the fuck -16 degrees celsius is in Farenheit). Everybody love Puig and Puig apparently loves cold weather to the point he even gave the Polar Vortex the male version of the Gluck Gluck 3000.

Even though I have heard all of the stories about Puig being a distraction off the field, moments like these are when you would love him on your team. As a Mets fan, I would be terrified since the worst possible scenario almost always happens. But I can’t wait to see how old Cincinnati fans that grew up rooting for Johnny Bench and wax poetically about Cincy being the home of Opening Day watch Puig flip his bat to the moon, flick his tongue like a sinner, and use celsius for his Instagram posts, which is definitely going to lead to countless Reds fans meeting this fate:

Clem Tech Tip: If you are someone that works for a weather app, you should definitely capitalize on the social media world we live in today and focus more on juicing up your graphics during extreme weather than pretty much anything else. Fuck getting the latest radar technology or becoming 1% more accurate with your forecasts. People don’t care about that shit in 2019. We always think the forecast is going to be wrong anyway. However, if it’s super cold out, put icicles on the temperature or add a WTF somewhere. And if it’s hot, put some exclamation points behind the temp or add the Key and Peele sweat gif.

People care more about letting other people know how extreme the weather is in their area then actually knowing if they should put on an extra layer. Play to the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter crowd and you will knock The Weather Channel off the weather app’s Iron Throne.