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Cardi B And Offset Are OFFICIALLY Back Together

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TMZ- Cardi B’s family is together again — she and Offset are under the same roof, and the hip-hop power couple is officially back on … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us … Cardi’s returning to the Atlanta home they shared before the breakup. We’re told this is the first time she’s been back to stay there with Offset and Kulture since December … when she ripped into her husband for allegedly cheating.

There have been numerous signs lately of a reunion. Cardi posted last week, “I wanna go home” — but our sources say it’s a done deal now, because Offset proved himself to his wife.

I mean NOBODY is shocked by this at all. As soon as Cardi B and Offset broke up last time, we all knew they were going to end up back together. We even said it in our chicks in the office video, and I blogged it here.  I said the exact words “there is no way they stay broken up,” so credit to me there. If this was any other relationship I would be going off on how dumb it is of Cardi B to get back together with Offset but it’s Cardi B and Offset. Just there names alone makes it sound like they’re not real human beings.

The funniest part about this whole thing is that Offset vows that he’ll stay completely away from groupies just to prove to Cardi that he has faithful. Yup, that turned out really well the last time! Cardi B sent out an attack on two strip club bartenders and everything was calm, cool, and collected! Yeah right. According to TMZ, one of the key factors is that Offset has changed his phone number so that none of his ex side hoes can contact him. Thats fine and dandy but can’t Offset just give out his new phone number? Or have a burner phone?

Offset saying he isn’t going to cheat is like when everyone has their New Years resolutions and for the first few weeks you’re eating healthy and going to the gym and then you realize it really fucking sucks to eat healthy and go to the gym so you give up. You really believe these lies that you tell yourself, but let’s be honest we all know Offset will be back at the next strip club as soon as he gets the chance…

Looks like he’ll be in Atlanta this weekend. Perfect!

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