Ex-Stripper-Turned-Drug Company Executive On Trial For Lap Dance

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 8.15.36 AMFOX – An ex-stripper-turned-drug company executive gave a doctor a lap dance as part of a sales pitch for an addictive fentanyl spray. A witness testified this week that her then-boss, Sunrise Lee, had been rewarding an Illinois doctor for prescribing the [fetanyl spray] to patients and paying him to speak at events.

‘The events were held at a Chicago restaurant owned by the founder and ex-chairman of the pharmaceutical company, and were attended by friends of the doctor, not other clinicians.  After one of these dinners in 2012, a witness testified that she saw Lee on the doctor’s lap, “kind of bouncing around.” “He had his hands sort of inappropriately all over her chest,” the witness alleged.

The testimony came as part of a federal investigation into whether the conduct of painkiller manufacturers and executives contributed to the nation’s opioid epidemic. Several individuals face charges of racketeering and fraud in relation to conspiring to bribe doctors to push their powerful painkiller. The product, Subsys, had been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating cancer pain. But prosecutors allege the executives bribed doctors to prescribe the powerful and potentially deadly painkiller to patients without cancer. Insys has reported 900 deaths tied to the drug since it was approved in 2012.

Corporate America is all about transferable skills. Taking what you learn at one job and using it in the next. Could be project management. Could be microsoft excel, public speaking, inside sales. Whatever. Just make sure you’re actually learning something you can use to make money in the future.

Sunrise LeeMy hidden talent is your boner

In this case, you’ve got an above average stripper trying to crack into healthcare. It’s a natural transition when you consider how much doctors love a good strip club. Even better when your job is to generate their interest long enough to sit through a 54 slide powerpoint presentation.

Anyways, I’m all for bringing down the families and businesses that have singlehandedly ruined millions of American lives. There isn’t much doubt about who these people are and what role they play in the opioid crisis. The fact the FBI wants to spend time on a decent Midwestern stripper when she could be at Wrigley with some hot older friends is a big disappointment. The Purdue family is standing literally right over there. 


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Opioid Company Executives On Trial In Boston] Opioid Company Executives On Trial In Boston

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