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Bob Huggins Is 'Miserable Because West Virginia Sucks'

God, I love Bob Huggins. The dude just doesn’t care. I mean the ejection isn’t his best, but it’s pretty great once you see the quote. Saying there’s a difference of opinion and that’s why he got kicked out is just perfect.

But, that’s not it here. Huggins just flat out telling people West Virginia sucks is my favorite thing. It’s just peak Bob Huggins.

Maybe they need to remember basketball is like their girlfriend:

Actually my favorite thing about Huggins was one time running into him here in Cincinnati a few years back. He was in town playing NKU and took the team to Montgomery Inn – a famous rib/bbq place in town. They were at a table by me so I saw it all unfold. He had a grad assistant or manager run down the street to the local ice cream place and had it back with a big bowl just for himself. Such a power move.

But, yeah,  he’s right. West Virginia sucks. Konate being hurt doesn’t help, but there’s just no guard play. They aren’t forcing turnovers like they typically do. They aren’t a good rebounding team. They are young. Esa Ahmad never really turned into the star people thought he’d be. Yeah, they suck.