Sounds Like Danny Ainge Just Cucked LeBron James

Here I was, with a little Kool Aid buzz after watching a nice 32 point Celtics win feeling good about things and I pick my head up and head to my timeline. What do I see? I see Woj going on national television and telling the world that big bad LeBron and big bad Rich Paul are having a little trouble. For some reason, the Pelicans aren’t all that hot about sending them Anthony Davis. Why do we think this might be? Who or what could have gotten to the Pelicans? Oh that’s right. Motherfucking Danny Ainge


You all remember what Woj said the other night right? Ainge clearly leaked to him that he was putting everything on the table for Anthony Davis, so long as the Pelicans hold out. Every, single, thing.

I’m sure LeBron and Rich Paul thought they were being so clever. Sitting there drinking wine thinking they’re so smart. Well guess what you idiots, you’re dealing with another level in Ainge. Earlier tonight we saw the Pelicans take AD out of their intro video and it made me a little nervous, but now? Cooler than the other side of the pillow. This is what the Lakers never seemed to understand, their plan only works if Ainge wasn’t willing to put everything on the table. Then the Pelicans would be forced to act early. So what does Ainge do? He slams his gigantic testicles on the table and changes the narrative of this whole sweepstakes.

Now could Davis still end up in LA? I suppose, crazier things have happened. But we’re another day down until the deadline and we have Woj openly saying there is no immediate trade to LA on the horizon. I knew Ainge would come through when he had to, now all that’s left to do is wait for the next Shams/Woj bomb because you know it’s coming.