Introducing The Newest Member Of The Smitty Family: Johnny Smash

Bunt form is still so on point. King of the sacrifice.

The good people of Chandler Bats reached out to me to see if I wanted a custom wooden softball and baseball sticks and boy did they deliver with this dark beauty. Step aside, Wonder Bat. There’s a new mythical king of the sticks running shit, and it’s The Bat In Black. The kind of hammer Johnny Cash would’ve loved to take a couple hacks and pills with. How many home runs am I going to hit with him? Let’s see. We play thirty games. Ten at-bats a game. Mmm…three thousand. Or at least I think. Things get a little hazy after the beer inning.

May or may have not have slept in the same bed with him last night to get to know each other better before today’s playoff games. And the fact that I’m 100% serious and not ashamed of it one bit disturbs me even more. I need some direction in my life.

PS – Was really taken back with the Lego Head etched into the barrel. Touche, Chandler. Touche, indeed.

Thanks to Allen, Hannah and @Chandler_Bats for the hook up.