Another Major Member Of The Media Has Picked Against The Patriots

I mean when will it end? Every day the media says no one is picking against the Patriots. That they’re the biggest favorites in the history of the Super Bowl. That no one in their right mind would go against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. And then out of the other side of their mouths they’re picking the Rams hoping no one notices. Just as they did with the Chiefs and Chargers. You can bet your bottom dollar this has already made its way into the Patriots locker room, stapled right to the top of their bulletin board. I’m sure Belichick has had to sedate Julian Edelman and Dont’a Hightower as I can only assume they’re foaming at the mouths after watching this. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first thing Tom says when Jim Nantz hands him the Lombardi is to call out Fiona for her lack of belief and overindulgence in tomatoes. This is easily building up to be the biggest fuck up in the history of the esteemed Cincinnati Zoo.