The Big 3 Just Added Some Big Time Star Power

Not since Herschel Walker joined the USFL have I seen a rival league snatch up such star power right under the nose of the more established league. Adam Silver better thank his lucky stars that Ice Cube doesn’t air games during NBA season or else he’d be in some big time trouble. NBA Champion and Adam LaVine life-threatener Kendrick Perkins AKA Big Daddy Perk is taking his talents to the Three. I can’t think of a better league for BDP to showcase his skillset. Halfcourt so there really isn’t any need to move all that much throughout the course of a game. Really just has to park his keister under the rim for defense then turn around and post up on offense. The Big Three now has a man who can lead their League in scowls per minute and “Ayy man that was all ball what the fuck” shouts at the referees. Let’s hurry up and get this snoozefest of an NBA season over with so that the real show can hit the road.

This may come off as sarcastic but I earnestly and unabashedly love Kendrick Perkins. Dude will hit you with a hammer of an elbow that will crack your sternum and then go home and watch NBC’s hit singing show “THE VOICE” with as much passion and vigor as he brought to the hardwood. A true throwback that we can only hope ends up on Charles Oakley’s team for this upcoming season.