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I Just Moved This Sheep To The Top Of My Draft Board

While everyone knows this is billed up as a great draft class for defensive linemen, it’s mostly interior guys. Edge rushers are gold in this league and having one on his rookie deal is akin to having a QB on a rookie deal. It gives you the freedom to have the type of roster flexibility necessary for most teams to compete in today’s NFL. Which is why I’m moving this sheep to the top of my draft board. Did you see that bend around the edge? I mean not since Von Miller with the long arm technique have I seen an undersized guy be able to get around the line and get to the quarterback with such ease. That QB isn’t going to be able to play the second half after sustaining such a mighty blow.

We’re going to have to teach this sheep how to wrap up but he didn’t lead with the head OR land on top of the QB so he’s clearly studied the rule book and knows what does and does not fly in Goodell’s NFL. The only thing that worries me is that there aren’t many walls on a typical, traditional football field at any level, so would he be able to get this much force on his sacks without that kind of leverage? As of today, it’s impossible to tell, but with raw talent like this on display I’d be willing to run the risk.

PS – Sheep needs a singular form. Sheep is very clearly a plural word and referring to just one of these fluffy fellas as a sheep is fucking with my brain big time. Someone much smarter than me figure out how to take thousands of years of the English language, throw them out the window, and let’s figure this thing out once and for all. Shoop? Shep? I’m open to any and all suggestions cause this one has me flummoxed, perplexed and borderline enraged.