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The older the pickle, the richer the juice.

Noor Alfallah, 23, turned heads on Monday night after paparazzi caught her leaving a hotspot called “Craig’s” in LA with Clint Eastwood.

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Eastwood is 88 years old.

Alfallah told the greatest newspaper in the world, The Daily Mail, that she and Clint were just family friends who were not dating, and I think most people believe her.

I, however, do not.


First off, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and how’s this for some octogenarian smoke?

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Secondly, she has a type.


Noor was dating 75 year old Mick Jagger for a couple of years, and when their relationship dissolved in December, 2018, she soon set up shop with 57 year old billionaire Nicolas Berggruen.

She may have even had a cup of coffee with this walking bag of HPV…


Listen… I like redheads, even though I am well aware that they can be fiery and uncontrollable.

It would seem that Noor likes old guys, even though they can be incontinent and easily killed.


And again, Noor has said that Eastwood is “just a friend“, and insisted to multiple sources that there is absolutely no romance between the two at all.

But you may know of a thousand of guys who would be happy in the dreaded Friend Zone

Do you honestly think Dirty Harry is one of them?

I certainly don’t, Mr Eastwood… Now go get them cheeks, fellow old guy.

Take a report.