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Roger Goodell Says He Talked To The Saints About The Blown PI Call In The NFC Championship, Michael Thomas Pretty Much Calls Him A Gutless Lying Coward

Shocking news out of the internet today with Michael Thomas saying Roger Goodell may have lied during a press conference (you can interpret that tweet however you want. I chose to interpret them as “gutless lying coward” or Thomas going the Family Guy route on Goodell).

Usually these types of accusations are thrown around when Goodell is talking about things like how much the NFL truly knew about a violent criminal act or the effects that playing football has on the brains and bodies of past and current players. But still, this is another bad look for a commissioner that I am pretty sure is just wheeled out by the owners to look like a dummy so nobody talks about the really bad side of football that I mentioned in the previous sentence. Fans will continue to talk about Pass Interferencegate or Deflategate or Spygate (I can feel those old stories from the first Rams-Patriots Super Bowl coming back right before the game and I’m already annoyed by them) while the truly bad shit gets swept under the rug because we are all obsessed with football. It would be brilliant if it wasn’t so disgusting.

As for Goodell’s quote, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodell did talk to Alvin Kamara, Cam Jordan, and the other Saints at the Pro Bowl in Orlando. But instead of talking about the PI call, he hit them with a line like “Wow, this rain sure stink” before running away to his suite and clubbing some baby seals he had brought in from Sea World. Or he may have told a boldfaced lie in front of a room of media members, especially since there is now a Barstool Protocol barring the truth seekers of this website to make sure everything is fair and balanced.


I remember when Barstool Protocol was tweeting out a picture of the Barstool Safe Mode when the site went down on a daily basis. #NeverForget


Now Barstool Protocol an actual thing the NFL does to keep our employees out of its press conferences . What a world. At least the Saints are fighting back against a commissioner that may be a serial liar at worst or devastatingly incompetent at best, whether its through tweets like Michael Thomas has been firing out.

Or Sean Payton’s much more reserved quiet protest.

But now that Goodell has officially commented on the call, Saints fans gotta stop talking about it. It’s like “the Sopranos.” It’s OVER.