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Karl-Anthony Towns Is A Crazy Person But Not For The Reason You May Think

What a goddamn flex here by Karl-Anthony Towns. Remember when Jimmy Butler threw a temper trantrum because he thought KAT was a little soft ass bitch? Well jokes on you Jimmy because this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen. You may think he’s a hardo for doing this but I have nothing but respect. Maybe you’ve heard but the White Walkers are coming and winter is fucking here with temperatures I didn’t even know were real. In my opinion, this is the toughness Timberwolves fans have been dying to see from their franchise player. I feel great as a MIN fan here because unlike 99.9% of people with brains who run and hide from the brutal Minnesota winters, here we have KAT embracing it. Doesn’t even phase him. That’s how you earn big time points with your fanbase. I have a buddy who lives in St. Paul and he lost his power last night. Imagine that? Dealing with -40 degrees and shit with no heat? Absolutely not. Now there should maybe be a little bit of concern because this is definitely how you get pneumonia or something, but the Timberwolves season is over anyways so anything to help that lottery pick!

Honestly, the craziest part of this whole video isn’t that KAT is rocking a tank in -27 degree weather. It’s him rolling with Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla. In my opinion it’s THAT move that makes him a crazy person. Regular vanilla? Really? I’m not saying the vanilla Ben & Jerry’s flavor isn’t delicious, but it’s nowhere near my top 5 of flavors. I thought I felt bad for KAT because his team was bad, but maybe I should be feeling bad for him because whoever does his grocery shopping has no idea what they hell they’re doing. If I had to give a list of my Top 5 flavors, it would probably look something like this

1. Americone Dream
2. Half Baked
3. Cookie Dough
4. Fish Food
5. The Tonight Dough

Now luckily for me, I’m internet friends with the King of Snacks himself, our beloved Clem. I had to get his take on this choice as well as his top 5 just to see if I was taking crazy pills. Here was his official response

Oh goddammit KAT. I respect the move and B&J has a fantastic vanilla. But you gotta get a flavor with fixins. Regular vanilla is a crazy person move, no matter how good it is because Ben and Jerry’s (which is easily the GOAT btw) loads their ice cream with the best stuff on the planet.

Top 5:
1. Half Baked
2. Tonight Dough
3. Cookie Dough
4. Milk and Cookies
5. Americone Dream

Also receiving votes: Chubby Hubby, Phish Food

This settles it. KAT going out and flexing like this in -27 degrees is whatever. However, him rolling with vanilla might be grounds to terminate his new max extension all together.