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The Chicago Bulls Will Be Fun To Watch Again In 2019-20

Jordan and Rose

Okay so I apologize for the misleading the headline. Let’s make one thing clear, the Bulls will almost certainly suck again in 2019-20 even if we do get a few more Lauri 3s and a lot of Zion dunks. HOWEVAHHHH. We have not one, but TWO sweet looking Bulls related documentaries coming out in the next 18 months or so.

The Michael Jordan 98 Bulls TEN PART Netflix legimately makes me tingly when I watch it.

And now it looks like we have a Derrick Rose documentary coming too.

I’ve been blogging Derrick Rose a lot lately. I want him back. The rest of the Redline Radio guys think it’s a TERRIBLE idea to bring Derrick Rose back, but overall I think the city seems split. This trailer made me want him to come back even more. He deserves to change the narrative here. And he can. And…this is original content produced by Stadium. Stadium which is owned by Jerry Reinsdorf…who owns the Bulls. Just saying…He’s coming home. Derrick Rose era 2.0 in 2019. Get excited. Embrace it. Be vulnerable. #VulneraBull