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Here Is A Compilation of the Best Videos In #Chiberia The Last Two Days

So as you may have heard, it’s been colder than a witches tit in Chicago the last few days, which opened the door to Chicago’s most idiotic degenerates to send us shit so they can accrue their coveted social media love.  Fun stuff!  Had to get em in while they could because the weather this weekend is basically going to be an inferno:

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 9.25.27 AM

Hey, I’ll take it.  Fuck this weather.  But let’s focus on the now and not the then.  Winter was literally coming yesterday.  The lake was throwing a goddamn foam party.

Didn’t stop people from chipping away at their handicap and getting in a quick 12″ game though

Terry Greenbeans is just an awesome fucking name

We had about 3000 people send us videos of boiling water freezing when tossed in the air.  This was the best one.  Not because he avoided 3rd degree burns, not because the dog in the background is taking a runny shit, but because the dog in the background has a tail bent at a 90 degree angle and for some reason it’s hilarious

And here’s where the real degeneracy starts:

“hey man classes at Depaul were canceled today, let’s throw on a bathing suit and get us some hypothermia!”

We at Barstool Chicago are philanthropists.  Eddie and Carl weren’t going to let the cold affect people’s commutes and morale.

Not everyone was outside by choice.  Some of Chicago’s finest laborers had to go to work and provide for their families in these unsafe conditions.  Not on Eddie’s watch though.  He offered free rides to people all over the Northwest side yesterday

And then we had Carl offering people in the South Loop some great tasting, less filling Miller Lites.  Is it a little weird this guy accepted a beer without hesitation from some random idiot?  Sure.  But this weather was making people do weird things.

Weird things like dropping water filled condoms on their head in the shower and tying hot dogs to strings over the stove:


Okay joke’s over.  This was miserable.  Get us to summer right fucking now please