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Using Your Kid As A Windshield Scraper Is An A++++ Parenting Move

Now THAT is how you dad. For so much of your kids’ lives, all they do is take, take, take. Take your money, take your sleep, take your fucking soul right from your body as well as any semblance of a social life. And the worst part is that they are pretty much worthless when it comes to giving back because they are small, dumb, and weak. You can’t start capitalizing on them until you hold a couple bucks of allowance over their head in exchange for doing some Charlie Work before hopefully doing a good enough job as a parent that they pick a nice retirement home for you to slowly die in.

However this dad made some lemonade out of the fruit of his loins early by cleaning off his car without getting his jacket wet or scratching up his ride while making his kid and wife happy. As good a dad hack as there is. The best part is that this kid will definitely want to do it all over again after the next snow storm, likely when there is ice on the windows. I bet that kid’s dad won’t even have to leave his house and can instead drink a beer and watch TV while his car gets a nice cleaning from the giant dump Old Man Winter unleashed on it by the resident freeloader.

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