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Is Dente A Weather Hardo?

CHICAGO — Did you hear loud booms or banging sounds overnight in Chicagoland? Those sounds might have been cryoseisms, or frost quakes. So, here’s how a frost quake happens: First, the ground has to be saturated with water, like it is in the Chicago-area right now with all the snow. When there’s a sudden drop in temperature, the water freezes and expands. The expansion and pressure build up causes stress on the frozen soil and rocks around it, and creates a boom noise. I thought I was crazy! I was up all night because I kept hearing it,” said viewer Chastity Clark Baker on Facebook. “I was scared and thought it was the furnace. I kept walking through the house. I had everyone’s jackets on the table in case we had to run out of here.”

Every employer in Chicago is closed for business today. People are terrified to go outside. We’ve got natural disasters and emergency shutdowns across the city. I could get frostbite just from writing this blog but I won’t because I type at 88w/p.

Naturally, Barstool leadership is as supportive as ever

It’s fuckin minus 30 Dave. I get Bill’s a mastermind and Brady’s almost as good as Michael Jordan was at basketball, but that literally has nothing to do with my climate or your New England people. This is about survival. About not getting swallowed whole by a frosscake or whatever natural phenomena WGN is peddling. Under no set of circumstances is one of our 3+ million inhabitants spending one second thinking about the New England Patriots.

I know. Insane concept but you’re going to have to trust the guys on the ground floor fighting for their lives

Indoor Super Bowl. Real tough.