KFC Radio Episode 27: Dicknose or Nosedick? And Last Chance To Win An Exclusive Barstool Hoodie

One of those classic questions to start off this episode of KFC Radio – would you rather have a dick where your nose is or a nose where you dick is? At first it sounds like a no brainer that you can’t walk around with a dick on your face but when you start to talk it through, it ain’t as easy as it seems. Dicknose might not be so bad. I’ll let you listen to figure out our take.

No matter what you choose though, I think we can all agree God put our dicks in the most inconvenient spot of all time. Smushed in between our legs, as close to our assholes as humanly possible. Fixed to your hips so that you have to thrust and gyrate like you’re a goddam dancer of some sort in order to use it. Really dropped the ball on that one, God. Unless its just some sort of cruel joke watching us flail around pumping in and out like a bunch of fucking assholes trying to get our rocks off.

Today is your LAST CHANCE to win one of the zip up Barstool zip up hoodie/jacket. There’s only 5 of them in the entire planet. That shit is as exclusive as it gets. Today at 2pm I’ll tweet out a question from this week’s episode of KFC Radio. Answer the question right and make sure you follow the podcast gang and you’re in the running to win. Its one of the nicest pieces of Barstool gear we’ve ever made. Follow me at @KFCBarstool for the trivia question at 2pm, and follow the other guys to be eligible to win: