Asian Guy Confronts Woman For Line Cutting, Promptly Gets Manhandled By Her Boyfriend And His Sumo Mate

Fuck this broad. I sweat rage if somebody accidentally butts in a 5 person line at Wendy’s. Of course I don’t say anything because I’m a raging pussy, but in the Far East it’s a matter of life or death. With the overpopulation you’re constantly waiting in lines and it should be trial by combat if someone cuts ahead. This guy didn’t deserve to be ragdolled and straight up Adam Vinitari’d at :58. If anything the crowd should’ve swamped and stomped her back to the dry cleaners.



Dammit. Probably wasted too much time looking up the Babality code and lost out on the opportunity. For shame.

PS – I wanted to use the term “Dragonlady” in this blog but I have no idea whether it’s racist or not. Regardless, this post reminded me of Gran Torino. If it’s bad that old coot makes me laugh 100/100 times then I’ll see you in the 7th level of hell.