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In A Shocking Turn Of Events ESPN Got Fooled By The Internet And Continues To Spread Fake News #ESPNLIES

Jesus Christ ESPN pull yourself together. We all know you want Anthony Davis to end up in LA but you can’t be out here getting JMac’d by the internet. How can you honestly read that caption and think it was real? I mean take a second and re-read it and I don’t know how anyone could think that was a real comment. But as we know, since when does ESPN actually need to tell the truth? Tryly a sad day for everyone that respects honest hardworking journalism.

I will say, the photoshop is A+ so you have to give @sreekyshooter credit there. The anchors came back to try and save face by saying “some kid with way too much time on his hands” which is so goddamn weak. You got fooled because you wanted to make waves with another LeBron story because you can’t stop being his Andy King. You’ll do anything for a little LeBron drama. Maybe, instead take 5 seconds of research and this isn’t a problem. Don’t blame the content creator, blame your inability to stop lying to the good hardworking people of America.

I guess this all makes sense since they run with all the bullshit Rich Paul keeps leaking and reporting it as fact so in reality this is just par for the course over there. They want to be so hip and so cool and relate to a younger demo who even cares about realizing that once this news came out there was going to be fake screenshots all over the internet. I’m surprised they didn’t roll with this one too

That looks pretty legit to me and we all know LeBron/Rich Paul paid Davis’ 50k tampering fine anyway.

At the end of the day this is just another example of our fearless leader Dave Portnoy being right. Not only did they lie about Tom Brady and the Patriots, but now it’s a full blown problem. They can’t stop lying no matter what the subject is. Nobody has been more vocal in exposing these frauds for what they are, so this isn’t just a great day for integrity, honesty, and true hardworking journalists. It’s a great day for Dave Portnoy which means it’s a great day for Barstool Sports.