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9 Year Old Girl Gives Birth In Mexico

You see this picture right here? In Mexico City this is real fucking life. 

MEXICO CITYMexican authorities say a 9-year-old girl has given birth in western Mexico and they are looking for the purported father, a 17-year-old. Jalisco state police spokesman Lino Gonzalez says the baby girl was born last week at a hospital in the city of Guadalajara. He says the girl and her baby are doing well. Gonzalez said Wednesday that the girl’s family alerted authorities after she gave birth and the alleged father has not been seen since in the neighborhood where they both live. He says that if the teenager’s paternity is proven he could face child sex abuse charges. Gonzalez says the girl told authorities the teenager was her boyfriend.

We got 5 year olds sucking dick, 9 year olds giving birth, OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

Jeeeesus fucking Christ. 9 years old. Nine. Nueve, for those of you in Mexico City. That is absolutely unfathomable. I don’t even think this shit happens in Honduras, for God’s sake. Oh and heres a surprising bit of news – the 17 year old husband is nowhere to be found. Shocking. Didn’t see that coming. I thought maybe he’d wanna settle down with her and have a family. Wouldn’t that be so cute? Carlos the 17 year old husband-dad – he feeds and burps his newborn child, then its bath time for his wife, and finally he puts them to bed at the same time BECAUSE SHE’S ONLY NINE FUCKING YEARS OLD. Christ alfuckingmighty.