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Poker Streamers Flopped Sets Against Each Other And Then It Somehow Got Even More Awesome

I love this clip. Two streamers battling it out in the poker streets, at the same table, flopping sets against each other. The back and forth is so perfect- the one guy with the pocket 7s is like “he has no idea what I have” while at the exact time the other streamer with the 4s is like “this has to be a set, is this anything other than 7s?”. He had him pegged. He knew he should fold bottom set there. But there’s no fun in that, especially because he then he turned the miracle 4 and had the hilarious whisper of disbelief under his breath

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 11.09.32 AM

before that vicious river came.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 11.09.43 AM

Quads over quads, what a way to go out.

This is why streaming poker is so great for the game, you get so many hands in and so many genuine reactions in real time. It really humanizes the game, and makes you realize all those beats you took, everyone takes them from time to time, and everyone reacts like a mad man from time to time as well.


And just some quick other poker news, I’m happy to share the news that the demise of poker has been greatly exaggerated:

Pretty cool to see live tournament records being broken in 2019. Any time you have record breaking fields, that means the game is growing and people are still interested in sitting down at the felt and testing themselves against the best. That’s the beauty of poker, you can register for a tournament and your table will be a mix of amateurs and pros, but everyone starts on an even playing field, you never know what will happen.



PS: Over the weekend I played a charity event at the Borgata and this happened. It went all in preflop.

I even flopped the ace! That’s like a 95% favorite to win right there. Spinzone- best to get the runbad out of the way in a charity event than a main event.