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Johnathan Papelbon Wants Out Of Philly To Go To A Contender


CSN – Papelbon was incredulous that a player would not want to move from a losing team to a contending team. “What?” he said. “Some guys want to stay on a losing team?” he said. “That’s mind-boggling to me,” he said. So if a contender called, you’re ready to go? “Yeah,” Papelbon said with an are-you-kidding-me laugh. “I think that’s a no-brainer.”


Actually, for as much of a superdouche Papelbon is off the mound, the guy has been beyond lights out this year. 1.24 ERA, 22 saves and a .853 WHIP. That’s pretty damn dominant. Is it really necessary to have the highest paid closer in history on a team that’s only going to be in a save situation maybe, what, once every 4 games? He’s a commodity the Phillies don’t need right now.

So, thanks for the help, Paps. Hopefully we can get someone in return that can carry on a conversation without having to throw out a “Bro” or “Sick” every other sentence. Someone with talent, too. That would be helpful.