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Chicago Is Officially In A Post Apocalyptic Frozen Tundra

Go outside for more than 10 minutes…frost bite. Inhale air…your lungs will freeze over and shatter. Pee outside and the stream will freeze and ice will come back up into your dick hole. These are all scientific facts of the Polar Vortex today. Lake Michigan looks like it is boiling and foaming and about to swallow the city up whole

Every image out there is scary. Like even the fucking train tracks are on FIRE

People are doing the boiling water trick

Stay safe today. Don’t get eaten by the Winter or White Walkers who are DEFINITELY coming through that fog. IF you do go outside and see something crazy, please take your phone out and send it in to us. I want to see all the crazy weather shit going on in Chicago today. Email

PS: Can we skate on this?