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A Fan Thought That Mick Foley Was Robin Lopez's Dad...Who Would Be Other Bulls Fathers From The Attitude Era?


So, Mick Foley decided to take in a Bulls/Nets game last night for whatever reason, and as you can read from his tweet above there was a fan who thought that he was Robin Lopez’s father. Mick of course had some fun with it because he seems like one of the jolliest guys ever.

I have no idea if he’s a Bulls or Nets fan or if he just wanted to take in some basketball, but it was nice for him to cheer on his new son when he shot some free throws:

Then after the game RoLo logged on to thank his new father for finally showing up to a game:

This got me to thinking about how these two really are a fantastic pair if you’re combining today’s Bulls and 90’s Attitude era stars. They’re both jokesters, have a mean streak, and of course that foofy hair. But, who else would be some current Bulls players fathers?

Let’s take a dive:

Wendell Carter Jr. & Mark Henry

2018 NBA Draft


I have no idea if either of these cultures match up, but they’re two prideful guys which makes me think that they could definitely be cut from the same cloth. Would Mark be upset with Wendell for missing time with an injured thumb? I’d like to think so. Does Wendell have that Sexual Chocolate gene in his DNA? It might be too early to tell.

Zach LaVine & The Godfather


the-godfather-wwe-1143519-1280x0If you don’t think Zach LaVine cleans up when he goes back to California for the offseason then you’re crazy. Monster numbers on and off the court is his thing. He learned it from somewhere, and it had to be from The Godfather himself.

Lauri Markkanen & Gangrel



The correct answer here was probably William Regal, but fuck William Regal. Lauri kind of has that wild factor where you can see him being a proper European dude or a guy who sleeps standing up in a coffin. I’m going to go with the sleeping standing up in a coffin route.

Kris Dunn & Farooq



Two guys that love to compete. Farooq was part of the Acolytes Protection Agency and Kris Dunn is the only guy on the Bulls who gives a shit about protecting the hoop. DAMN.

Bobby Portis & D-Von Dudley


D_Von_Dudley_bioThe easiest father-son combo yet. The guy who cold cocked Nikola Mirotic in practice was born to put people through tables. If Bubba Ray wanted to retire tomorrow Bobby Portis could have a job teaming up with D-Von. Bobby Dudley just sounds right, too.

Ryan Arcidiacono & Val Venis


b3eef50257f3b80221edcfa638b9a6b0HELLLLLLOOOO LADDDDIESSSSS!!

Similar to Lauri/Regal, Shane McMahon is what felt right for Ryan Arcidiacono, but I had to go with Val Venis. The reason is similar to the LaVine/The Godfather comparison as there’s just no way Arcidiacono wasn’t a Grade A cocksman at Villanova.

Denzel Valentine & D-Lo Brown


D-LoTruthfully, I have nothing to say about Denzel Valentine, but I wanted to get D-Lo Brown involved because I love D-Lo.

Did I get it right? Who would you have matched up? Hit me up on Twitter to let me know.