B's Rookie Sensation Trent Fredric's Parents May Be My New Favorite Bostonians After Last Night

This is what I’m talking about! Old time hockey. I’ve been waiting for this kid to get the call up to Boston for weeks and he did not disappoint. I mean the only thing I love more than Trent Fredric is Trent Fredric’s parents going nuts watching their son obliterate this guy like he just scored the game winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Yeah I know he’s a Wisconsin kid, but he is going to fit in just fine here and so are his parents. Just a brilliant move by the dad wearing a Red Sox hat too. That’s the fastest way to appear like a local. I would have bet my life they were just some random couple from Southie rooting for fights because Southie people like to fight. Nope they were just proud of their son for beating the shit out of Olgie Olgethorpe. Love it.