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Here's Why We're Following The Example Of The Late Great Apollo Creed And Are Training $20 Chef For #RnR7

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Once enemies, now allies of fate – We are following the footsteps of Apollo Creed and am training $20 Chef for battle and glory. My job is simple: Get Chef to find that Good Eye Of The Tiger. He’s fighting a certified Gumdrop, for sure, but that doesn’t matter. All bets are off in the ring, and failure is not an option. But how did we get here? Well, friends, much like Rocky and Apollo, our fight was close. Too close. In fact, if the shoulder didn’t explode during the brawl, a rematch would’ve not only been a possibility, but a requirement of mankind.

So how can two warriors on opposite sides of life go from this:

To This:

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 9.11.54 AM

Apollo Whiteface in this totally heterosexual scene out of Rocky III don’t lie. Find out by watching up on the first 24/7 right here, stay tuned for the next dropping this week, and follow us and all things #RnR7 on social media. Heads are going to roll Friday night.

PS – Flashback to #RnR2. My CTE flares up just attempting to think about it.