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James Harden Ran Out Of Bounds Instead Of Putting Up A Shot With The Game On The Line Last Night Because He Didn't Get A Foul Call And Everyone’s Brain Is Broken

Welp I think the refs have finally broken James Harden’s brain. Granted he broke their brains first with his trickeration and weirdo lefty voodoo. So technically James Harden broke his own brain or as Vince McMahon would say “James screwed James”. But I guess taking the sport of basketball and altering the DNA just enough that it appeared to still be basketball even though it clearly isn’t could have cost the Rockets the game last night. I compare this to playing Madden with Lamar Jackson or any other QB with an 85+ speed rating and then trying to go back and using a typical pocket passing quarterback that is slower than me. You gotta transition back to normalcy, like going from Lamar Jackson to Russell Wilson to Andrew Luck to Tom Brady. Or in basketball terms, James Harden should only expect a foul to be called 90% of the times he jumps in the air decrease it to 85% then 80% then in the playoffs not expect any of those calls because the refs will actually have to call the game like real basketball or worry about Adam Silver coming down on their asses because people are going to lose their fucking minds if this shit continues with teams’ seasons of the line.