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Would Jimmy Fallon Be The Worst Person To Sit Next To At A Hockey Game? Discuss


So last night my Philadelphia Flyers were in MSG to take on the New York Rangers. Two teams who realistically would be better off losing hockey games at this point in the season to give them each the best possible draft pick in June. They’re both out of the playoff picture right now, but neither of them are necessarily in the basement of the league (Rangers 23rd, Flyers 26th). They’re both in that no-man’s land where they’re not going to be a playoff team but they’re also not going to land a top 3 pick in the draft. So yeah, you’re basically rooting for your team to lose at this point if you really want what’s best for either the Flyers or the Rangers.

To make matters worse, the only goal scored in that game last night came just 100 seconds into the game when Oskar Lindblom put the Flyers up 1-0. After that moment, there was 58 minutes and 20 seconds of scoreless hockey between two underachieving teams. Basically what I’m getting at here is that nobody in MSG should have been excited for that game last night. Not even the players themselves. However…

…that wasn’t going to stop Jimmy Fallon from acting like a real sunnovabitch and act like he’s working on his next character as the “extra whacky, overly enthusiastic, potentially jacked up on illegal drugs, sports fan”.

Now here’s the thing–I see nothing wrong with enjoying the game and getting hype for your team. I’m not going to tell anybody else how they should be a fan. If this was just any ordinary dude, he’d still be a little annoying but it would be fine because that’s how that dude chooses to be a fan and you have to respect it. But for Jimmy Fallon? For the performance he put on last night at MSG? Well it’s just so clearly obvious that Jimmy Fallon isn’t an actual fan. I mean maybe he’s pumped that the team is losing, which is technically a win if your team is tanking. But I doubt Jimmy Fallon has kept up with the current state of the New York Rangers. I doubt he realizes this isn’t game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. He’s just out there acting like a maniac just to get attention. He’s taking the game and he’s making it about himself. And that’s what makes it so hard to watch.

Again, it’s one thing if you’re stuck sitting next to the ordinary, yet criminally insane fan who is freaking the fuck out during the entire game. But when it’s someone like Jimmy Fallon? Who is just over-exaggerating the fact that he’s whacky and zany for attention? Yeah no thanks. I’d rather shoot myself in the dick twice than have to sit next to that.

By the way–the Flyers have now won 5 straight games, including 2 in the past 2 days. Big time shutout for Stolie last night.

Ron Hextall has to be going insane right now watching the Flyers be the greatest hockey team ever assembled while using a goalie tandem of Carter Hart and Anthony Stolarz. That wasn’t on Hexy’s schedule until at least 2021.

P.S. – Have to imagine Fallon was hanging out with Gritty before the game.