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Wake Up With Albert Belle Plowing Through Fernando Vina And Sending Him Into Outer Space

I've seen people arrested for less than this. Albert Belle absolutely demolishes Fernando Vina while Vina tries to apply a tag on him. All the props in the world to Vina too, that man was listed at 5'9" and 170 pounds and basically got hit by a truck named Albert.
We all know Belle wasn't the nicest guy in the world, so does this really surprise you? Not at all. I'm not even sure why Belle played baseball, this would have been an awesome hit by a linebacker on a receiver over the middle. Lead with his shoulder, really laid that forearm across the body too. Maybe caught a little of  Vina's head, but no call. Vina gets up like nothing happened, even has some words for Belle as Albert headed back to the dugout. He didn't back down at all and held onto the ball to get the out. What was Albert's game plan going into that play too? He was just going to level Fernando and hope that he dropped the ball?
How about no trainers, manager, or umpires coming out to discuss the hit, or to dispute the no out call at first. That is how baseball used to be. Even the announcer at first says "This isn't a dirty play", ummm, excuse me? Fernando Vina almost had his capa detated from his head. This was legit as hard of a hit you will ever see on a baseball field, and no one even came to check on him. Wild to think that back in the 1990s this play would happen, and no one would blink. Now you'd have the game stopped, a fight, a suspension, an investigation, trainers on the field, a DL stint, articles by Deadspin on why Belle needs to be banned for life, just a different game now.
Belle played hard, but at times too hard, just ask Vina.