Will Lebron's Friends and Family Finally Have An Intervention After He Was Spotting Drinking Wine On the Bench During Tonight's Game?

Holy shit.  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.  I mean am I the only one seeing what I’m seeing here?   Lebron James is clearly an alcoholic.  This is clearly a cry for help.  I mean the guy can’t go two minutes without hitting the bottle.   He needs to be drunk 100% of the time.   Yes I hate the guy.  Yes I think he’s one of the great egomaniacs of our generation.  But I wouldn’t wish this disease upon my worst enemy.   I relished competing against Lebron.  I don’t want to beat him this way.  By watching him flush his entire legacy down the bottom of a wine bottle.   Somebody get this guy some help.  Where are his so called friends when he needs them?  Somebody do something.   The man is losing it.   Help him!