I Think LeSean McCoy Was Attempting To Mack On Kacie McDonnell And I Don't Like It One Bit

TMZ – He can stop on a dime…but LeSean McCoy also stops for dime pieces.

I’d like to think McCoy thought he was flirting and got bashful. If not…well, let’s just leave it at that. Shady is an unreal athlete but let’s face it, there’s a lot of heart in place of his smart. When Jerrick asked him if he’s ever been to Finland you can tell the engines running but there’s nobody behind the wheel. Probably thought it was a bar around Harrisburg. There’s what (Google…) 196 countries in the world today? Give Shady 197 chances and there’s no shot he’s locating Finland on a map. None. Better chances getting a mouse to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem or asking Vince Young to correctly spell his own name.

As far as Miss Kacie, Shady, seat’s taken. If you want to team up and go the There’s Something About Mary truce, I’m open for discussion. We can agree that I won’t fuck you, and you won’t fuck me until we get this fuck out of the picture:

Seriously, goody two shoes Murray. Quit being an Eagle Scout unless you want to find the root to why I sweat so much.