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'Just Don't Look Like A Dick' - Steven Adams Telling Reporters What His Goal Is On The Court

So I had to take a break from watching a bunch of college basketball tonight in order to talk about this. Credit to me (I think this is what we’re doing).

Steven Adams is perfect. I mean between him getting kicked in the dick by Draymond. Him telling a Nuggets fan to meet him outside. The fact he’s a monster and pretty damn good. He’s gold.

So now this is what our entire life motto should be. Just don’t look like a dick. You may be wondering what this is referencing. Well, step 1:

Okay, so he failed at a euro step. It wasn’t pretty. But, that’s not Steven Adams, man. He wants to beat dudes up in the paint and grab 1000 rebounds every game. He had to redeem himself, right?

Nailed it. Didn’t look like a dick and even if he did I wouldn’t tell him that. I’d lie directly to his face and call him sir. Only proper response to someone that gigantic.