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Hey Jimmy Fallon......Just Chill Out Man

I’ve got to be honest, I never really understood why Jimmy Fallon got so much shit. I always kind of liked the dude and thought he was pretty funny. Not a big fan of late night talk shows, but if I was ever watching one it would usually be his.

But people hate this dude. My college roommate couldn’t even be in the same room as someone who liked Jimmy Fallon, so the guy definitely has some haters out there. And I may have to join those haters after Fallons display tonight at the Rangers game. What the fuck was this guy doing? Just relax, man. How much blow did this guy do in the bathroom before going completely bat shit?

Imagine having to sit next to this guy during the game? I’m sitting over here trying to eat my nachos and I’ve got Jimmy Fallon doing jazz hands to my left knocking over everyone’s beers. Nightmare fuel.

Wonder if one of the Russians on the Rangers just gave Fallon some Russian Gas before the game? Think the whole team could use some at this point.