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Clay Travis Responds To A Mass Email From Our PR Company And Doxes An Innocent Girl To Get To Me


So this happened today.   Our PR company was trying to capitalize on me getting kicked out of Media Day so they sent this email to basically every media personality with a pulse.   It was 100% the right move by them.  After all it was a hot story and getting it out there is what they are paid to do.  However it was absolutely idiotic for them to ask Clay Travis if he wanted me on his show.  I’m not sure how our PR Firm didn’t realize that I hate Clay and that Clay begs me to come on his show on a regular basis and I don’t because I hate him.  It was a really bad look by them.   But it still didn’t give Clay the right to dox this poor girl who screwed up.   Just a total asshole move.   At least edit her name out so all his scumbag fans don’t stalk and harrass her like they are doing right now.  Like I get that Clay likes to play internet tough guy and can’t beat me in a fair fight but this is new low even for him.  Doxxing a girl who has nothing to do with this fight just to get at me?  Be better Clay.  Be better.