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Barstool Blackout Smokeshow of the Day - Paige

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Introducing Paige from SUNY Plattsburgh. Listen up SUNY kids! I know you wanna Blackout in the Foam. But the reality of the matter is there’s only certain venues that can accomodate us. So unless you got a ticket to the Irving Plaza Blackout in February, the next closest place for you is the Fckin Foam show in Trenton. Its on Friday, April 5th. Turn it into a road trip and make a weekend out of it. Best part of college was visiting other colleges and road tripping all over the place because nobody cared about anything. So this is no different. Make it into the best weekend of your semester.

Tickets sale goes live FRIDAY at NOON (Click here for tickets)

And if you need to be convinced its worth the trip, check out the latest Fckin Foam video from Coastal Carolina: