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I Think I Walk Up Stairs Wrong

This blog is going to make me sound like I grew up in a closet with no communication to the outside world, but today I learned that I might not know how to walk up stairs. I’m wearing new shoes today and they don’t quiiiite fit, they fit like a 6 and a half and I’m a 6. They’re cool, so I’m keeping them, but they make my feet look super big. And as I was walking up the stairs from the second floor to the third, I started thinking about what people with bigger feet than me did when they walked up stairs. Like, your feet don’t fit on the stair, so what do you do?

As I was pondering this, I ran into Liz, who asked me why I looked so confused. I explained to her what I was thinking, and she showed me what she does when she walks up a stair. This is what her foot looked like:


This is what mine looked like:


Oh no.

I’m a fraud. I don’t even know how to walk up stairs?? Who the fuck am I? I’m having an identity crisis. I like to think of myself as fairly capable, but this is just embarrassing.

It’s possible that since my feet fit on the stair I never had to think about it, or it’s possible that since my house when I was a little kid had no stairs I just didn’t learn properly. Either way, it’s a bad look for me.

(Was this entire blog a way to show off how cool my new shoes are? You decide, with help from another picture: