A Concise And Accurate Instagram Rant On Why A Little Leaguer Could Play Better Than Ben Revere


Myself and the dozen or so torchered Phillies fans actually watching this game last night were thinking the EXACT same thing. How, the flying fuck, can a guy playing OF in the Major Leagues throw a weak two hopper that offline to the plate from just beyond 2nd base? There are 12-year-olds out there right now who can rifle it into the catchers mitt from that distance with ease. The dude can’t throw, can’t get on base and has 1 – count em, ONE – career home run. Yeah yeah yeah, he’s got a decent glove and can steal a base or two, but that’s about it. I’ve had enough. Get this little leaguer and his wet noodle for an arm off my squad and take half the team with him.

Oh, and somehow, someway, the Phillies have won 3 in a row on the road against a good Milwaukee Brewers team. Lost 13 of the previous 16, but hey, these 3 W’s can serve as a spark for a run at the 2nd Wildcard. Right? Only 10 games under .500 now! I hate this team.