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School Administrators Cancel School By Singing A BEAUTIFUL Song About Snow Days

Uhhhhhhhhhhh I’m not an American Idol judge but that was some of the best singing these ears have ever heard? Maybe some of the best singing any ears have ever heard over the course of human history? I was prepared to crawl outta my skin due to awkwardness but what I got instead was a fantastic duet form two guys who are likely football coaches about snow days to the beat of Hallelujah. That really made me feel something. At one point I thought I was gonna tear up it was so beautiful. It was still awkward because being awkward on video is a job requirement for a school administrator but I thought it was gonna be A LOT worse.

By the way, I’ve been out of school for over a decade and this tweet yesterday still gave me a jolt of excitement

As everybody knows by now, FREEZING temperatures are hitting most of the Midwest right now. We’re talking wind chills in the negative sixties and school is getting cancelled left and right. Cedar Rapids schools cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday because it’s unsafe just to be outside for more than 25 seconds. And like I said, I haven’t gone to a Cedar Rapids school since 2007 and I was pumped up when that tweet came across my timeline.

Also, I went to a community college (yes, I’m one of those stupid people you hear about from time to time) and I’m still hooked up to their alert system so for the past two weeks I’ve gotten texts and calls about school getting delayed or cancelled. You might think that sounds annoying but I find it to be the opposite of annoying. I like knowing that back home there are students getting those texts and calls and getting to go back to sleep. There are college kids in Cedar Rapids, Iowa getting those texts, reading them and getting to plop their head back down onto the pillow. That’s a beautiful thing even if I’m half way across the country in weather that is completely unrelated to what’s going on.