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You Better Werk Bitch: These Two Male Cheerleaders Are The Most Exciting Thing About The Los Angeles Rams

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Source - For the first time ever in the Super Bowl, there will be male cheerleaders on the sideline.

The Los Angeles Rams’ Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies will be suiting up to cheer on Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and the whole Rams team as they take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII this Sunday in Atlanta. The Patriots’ cheerleading squad is all women.

The news was not lost on the guys, both of them tweeting about it last week.

Regardless of the outcome of the NFC Championship game, there was going to be at least one male cheerleader in the big game as the New Orleans Saints also have a male cheerleader, Jesse Hernandez.


Seriously, play it.







Okay good. Now here’s a live look at Quinton and Napoleon walking into the stadium on Sunday.

Werk bitch, indeed.

When I wrote about these queens back in August, I had no idea they’d make it this far. By all accounts the Rams weren’t on a lot of radars and no amount of male-cheering would change that, or so I thought…Fast forward six months and here we are. It’s tough because I want the Pats to crush, but I also want to see these bitches work and I don’t know how much they’ll be dancing if they’re getting blown out by twenty.

I guess I could always watch videos of the other male cheerleaders who didn’t make it big.


But it won’t be the same.

Here’s what they had to say about the experience leading up to the game.

“I think we can both say we have both been reached out to by so many men that are so excited to try out, and not just men our age but young men trying out for their junior high school dance team or cheer team and high schools, and it’s exciting to see society change a little bit,” Peron said on Good Morning America on Thursday.

“We are extremely excited to see what is going to happen next year,” Jinnies added ahead of the big game this weekend.

Good for you, Quinton. Now just don’t let us down. Same goes for Napoleon. A good performance here insures that we’ll be able to take over the entire league if we play our cards right.

These two are the most exciting part of the entire Rams football team other than the fact that they have one of the best offenses in the league, a running back that’s essentially a video game character in Todd Gurley, Jared Goff at quarter back, and the youngest head coach in NFL history. Other than that it’s these two who are putting asses in seats. Well done, fellas. Looking forward to watching you slay at the game.