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Oregon Commit C.J. Walker Throwing Down A Reverse 360 Dunk Through The Legs Is The Cockiest In-Game Dunk You'll See

Yep, you gotta shut it down. This is your dunk of the year winner, no question about it. I don’t care that it’s only January. Oregon commit C.J. Walker is out here throwing down a goddamn reverse 360 through the legs while in transition.

And he makes it look way too easy.

This is a dunk that typically happens in dunk contests. We’ve seen guys use this quite a bit there, but I don’t recall seeing this move during an actual game.

I know Oregon fans have had a couple of bad years here with injuries and not living up to expectations, but, uh C.J. Walker is also pretty damn good. He’s the No. 31 recruit and you’ll get shit like this during your games. That feels like a win.

If you’re a player on the other team (who lost 67-26) you just gotta focus on your other sport. Go play football or soccer or baseball. That’s where your future lies. That or just start writing. That works out too.